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Le Blush Crème de Chanel Photos, Review, Swatches

Heyah! Yes finally, I'm back. Sorry it's been 1 year and ++++ months since my last post.
Been too lazy to review that's why. Oh well at least got the courage again plus a good stuff!

Meet  Le Blush Creme de Chanel Fall Collection 2013. I know these aren't out in the market yet 
so I'm such a lucky girl to have them first! Tried searching swatches online too, but to no avail... 
that's the reason why I decided to make a super quick review and swatch again.


Chanel Fall 2013 Superstition Collection


U.S. Launch Date – 10 June 2013

International Launch Date – June/July 2013


Le Blush Crème de Chanel (Cream Blush) – New – $38.00

 Destiny – Golden Beige
Présage – Apricot (Limited Edition)
Révélation – Soft Shimmering Pink
Inspiration – Soft Blue Pink
Affinité – Intense Blue Pink
Fantastic – Burgundy (Limited Edition)


#62 Presage : apricot (limited edition i heard)

#64 Inspiration : soft blue pink

The texture is soft and powdery, reminds me of the famous Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Blus...
 it isn't steaky slash tacky, doesn't look oily on my "oily skin type".
  It's really easy to apply, and you can control the strength of the color by applying more or less.
I love using my fingers to apply, in that way I can enjoy the soft smooth feeling on my skin.
Light skin tones may find 1-2 layers enough flush to their cheeks,
but most skin tones may want to intensify the color by adding more layers.
 I thought I can use this on my lips as a lip color like most of the cream blushes but, 
it's too drying, maybe because of it's silicone-y texture. None the less, I still consider this 
my ultimate love among all the creme blushes I've tried.

#64 & #62
Sorry for this, will try to swatch again and update my post.

My Verdict:

Product: Awesome (10/10)
Texture/Finish: Powdery/ Matte <3  (10/10)
Longevity: Waterproof- tried rubbing and it left a tint like those cheek & lip tint (10/10)
Application: Very easy to blend  (10/10)


Sorry for the very short review... will try to revise soon. 
As of now, I sooo love these blushes.
 Watch out for these to come out and be sure to get a hold right away!

Till my next review loves...

love lots,

Animated Magic



NEW? LATEST? COMING SOON? Chanel Lucky Stripes

"Chanel Lucky Stripes" <3

Happy Holidays Sweethearts! It's been a decade (lol) since my last review, I know... 
and I'm so sorry for that. Been very busy this holiday season. Anyway, I've got a surprise 
for you all! Excited much? Okay check this out! Oh btw, I just can't forget to mention 
how lucky I am to receive this... first! :D

Chanel Eyes and Cheeks Color 
I heard this will be a Limited Edition? Sorry but I still don't have any information about it. 
T'was a gift by a friend from UK. Yay! Thank you.  

isn't lovely? weeeeh!

                           Swatch: first stripe-sixth stripe                    blended together

When I first touched the powder using one of the lil brushes included in this product, 
I noticed that it's a bit soft and thought it'll be chalky when applied... to my surprise... 
it's so lovely and felt a moisturizing powder that can easily blended and absorbed by my skin. 
Well, it's from one of the high end brands so...

on my eyes... 
sorry I was in a hurry on this make up look because I have to go somewhere...
also if you will notice an eyelash... excuse that puhleez! :P

on the cheeks... this is what I love as of the moment!
A healthy glowing look! 

If you want something handy to carry and still achieve that best look...
then you really have to watch out for this!!! As of the moment, I'm so in-love 
with sheen cheek colors and can provide a glowing look!
I can achieve that with this NEW CHANEL BABY. :)

I still have some other stuffs from the same brand... so you better watch out!


love lots,
Animated Magic




Heyah pretties! I miss you all!!! Ok, so I got these blushes since February of this year.
Asked a friend to buy it for me but I paid almost double the price. :( fine!
Ye I know i'm kinda late of this review but I just started blogging last month? so I'm forgiven! lol
Been using these blushes for a couple of months now so I'm pretty sure of my views about it! :)
Let's rock on!

Based from their site...

Sleek MakeUP is a colour cosmetics brand dedicated to providing a comprehensive make-up range for all women, especially those that are often under-represented by mainstream brands.

The Sleek MakeUP Story

The Sleek MakeUP brand is youthful and fresh, engaging the interest of young women from a range of different backgrounds. Our ethos is to produce a range which boasts of extremely trendy, fashion forward shades and innovative products which can be worn by all but with a particular focus on women who are under-represented by major brands in the cosmetics market.

New products are launched regularly keeping the range fresh and desirable. We deliver quality products at affordable prices for real fashionistas and for those who just want to enhance their natural beauty.

Sleek Make Up is made from the UK and is considered a drugstore brand. Oh???  yeah! :P .
I've got 3 shades... Pixie Pink, Flamingo and Pomegrenate. These blushes are definitely smooth/ buttery, soft, and very pigmented. One dip of your blush brush from the pan will give you that glow to your cheeks. I tried applying 3 times and gave me that "am I just slapped?" look! lol... so be very gentle in application, also, do the blending method to achieve a more natural flush! ;)


 Pixie Pink is a matte pink color but has tiny tiny bit of silver shimmers. 
This is the first color i fell in love with right after I received these babies! I really love this shade!

 Flamingo has a bit of shimmers giving you that glow when you apply it to your cheeks. 
This reminds me of the Benefit Coralista but more on the pink undertone.


 Pomegrenate is another blush that i love! The bright raspberry gives me a fantastic glow. 
***blushing*** I got scared of the color with those shimmers the first time i saw it because 
it might emphasize my pores more and make me look more greasy  knowing I'm really oily after 
couple of hours. I tried different techniques on how to achieve the best glow and boom!!!  
The secret? Blend.... Blend.... Blend! ;) 
And because of that, i get to love this shade moooooooooore! :P

                                                Pixie Pink                                     Flamingo                                     


There are 9 shades in total available if you visit their website. One thing I'm really sure of... 
I'm so inlove with these babies. They are intensely pigmented just like those high end brands! 
Well, lemme not forget the price... you'll love it! Love it for it's really cheap, very very affordable 
that you can collect all shades. (happy ya!) 

The only bad side is the packaging... it's kinda hard to open argh! 
So you need to be careful in opening if you don't want to ruin your blush because I did! :( 
One of my nails slipped inside the pan so a lil mark was left but not didn't ruin the whole pan...
Thanks God! Still lucky eh? :) Oh well, for it's price, gotta accept that.
You can buy this online for as low as Php 400 ( $9-$10) with 8g. of the product.
Btw, I'm adding my collection of another shade... Coral! ( so excited :D)
Thanks to Pammytweet for getting me this shade from sis Sol... hugs!

How about you Pretties, have you tried Sleek Blushes?
Mind sharing your fav shades? Lemme know. Mwah!

Alert: Watch out for my next review of the Sleek Make Up
Face Contour Kit!

Check my review on one of the Sleek Lipsticks: click here

love lots,
Animated Magic



Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Heyah Pretties! Sorry for taking so long to up another review...
just got back from a 3-day vacation trip with hubby. :P

Okay, I've got two shades to swatch for you from the Pot Rouge Collection,
Cabo Coral and Calypso Coral... both have the coralish tone, obviously!?! :D
 I have these babies for almost 4 months already. Bought it in Rustan's for Php1,450 each.
Kinda steep for a blush i know! But because of the shades, wasn't able to resist! ha!!!


from left to right: cabo coral, calypso coral

for me this is more of the orangie/peachy tone...best for dark skin color?
fair/ light skin can also use this ofcourse, but you need to control your application

and this shade is more of the pinkish tone... best for fair/light skin color

calypso coral ~ cabo coral

Final verdict!
These are really nice stuffs to have, very pigmented and long lasting.
Contains 11ml each jar, a lil goes a long wayyy...i think this can last for years!
Another very important thingy, scent is very decent. :D
Things i don't like is the packaging... glass jar!!!
And when you open the lid/cover,
bacteria can just jump over...making it unhygienic. :( 
What i do to secure my babies from bacterias?
Dip my brush cover and apply... very simple eh? ;)

So, what's your fave shade from this line? Share!!! mwah

love lots,
Animated Magic



Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushing Quad Review

Are you looking for a cheaper blush to replace those very popular Benefit blushes? 
You might wanna check this Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushing Quad in four shades 
(boxed blush quad featuring four shades of color to mix and match!) with a price tag of $6 i guess. 
I bought this for Php575 + Php90 shipping

What is it and what's in it...

It has a flip lid with a brush stored in the flap with a small stretchy band.
Compared to our beloved Benefit Blushes which has 0.28 oz for a price of $28.

Brush comparison from Benefit's... pretty tiny eh?

i got the shade "Smooth Talker"

all four shades are just so shimmery!

What I like... 
- such a cutie blusher yet pocket friendly!
- i don't need my highlighter for this blush because its shimmery but not chunky ones
- can mix and match colors

What I don't like...
- brush included is so small slash tiny to use! i find this very useless
- you need a lil patience in blending/ swirling to achieve a nice color for your cheeks!
- scent... it's like those cheapy liquid foundations? when you smell it, its like saying... it's a make up duh! :P
- all shades are shimmery making pores to be more visible, those who have large pores like moi, 
you might not like this... but hey! this can be a good highlighter (atleast)... 
tried using this in my brow bone and it did work! ;)

My Verdict...
This is more of a highlighter to me. I don't think i can use this a blusher for i have large pores 
and it can be emphasized with this. I like the packaging though but i can't say i love it! 
For those who love shimmery sheen blusher, this might work for you, so better check this out! :)

(me with Smooth Stalker)

That's all for now... let me know your thoughts pretties! ;)

love lots,
Animated Magic



Sleek True Colour Lipstick

Heyah pretties! I'm back with another lipstick! Another pinky lippy.  woot!
I heard about the brand early January of this year and was eager to try right there and then.
Because of too many good reviews about it, i then ordered from a friend some of their blushes
which i'll review separately soon! (watch our for that! :P) Last week, i saw this brand again
from my "suki" shop online and i thought this shade is awesome! So i ordered right away.
Just today, i finally got the lipstick and felt it's nice to review... I'm using it since this morning btw. :D

Based from Sleek site:

True Colour Lipstick

A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E 
which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat.

Can be applied using a lip brush for a professional finish. 3.5g  

Shades available:

I love Sleek. <3 Fell in love with this brand ever since i tried their blushes.
(which happens to be my HG right now)
The shade i've picked?
"Amped" which is a matte finish... and it's really a "true colour"! :D
Having a purple under tone made me picked this shade,
since i have a blue under tone pink lippy aredy.
For a new pinky shade with a different under tone? why not!

oh wow! it has Vit. E!!! it's a plus for this product, right? :D

the packaging... case is matte similar to Nars! :P
Sorry for those who hate Nars packaging...
but don't mind it if you wanna save! lol

What's in it...

The finish and shade...

Do you remember these swatches?
Ya, it's from my very first post "Favorite Pink Lipstick"! :D
You might wanna do a lil comparing moment? hekhek
(that's how much I love you pretties! :P)

I'm so sorry for the quality of the picture. :(
I just used my iPhone for this... so excited to post and my cam's roaming in...
i dunno where! lol
Anyhow, the shade is more closer... "closer" to Mac Candy Yum Yum.(imo)
Yes! you read it right, but less the neon-ish slash glow okay? :P
Atleast now you can have an alternative to the very popular,
LE Candy Yum Yum (which is sold out in our Mac Counters, even in the US!)
if you can't get hold of this lippy. Yey!!!

Can you guess which is which?
C'mon, i gave a hint! :P

Excuse my eye bags on the right photo... almost no sleep last night
because i need to accompany my hubby while he's working. :)

The Verdict! It's amazing especially when it comes to pigmentation. 
When i first applied it, woah! i felt almost the same as my Mac Candy Yum Yum,
(i meant the texture and the finish) also a matte finish! ;)
The texture is very creamy which i love. This can be drying though, my tip? 
Use a lip brush in applying and don't forget to put your favorite lip balm atleast 5 mins.
before application. In that way, your lips will be moisturized... a better out come that is!
Price? it's soooooooo affordable! 
Got this for only Php435+shipping (Php100) 
This is another lip color for keeps. I hope i can start collecting 
some coralish, orangie slash other shades and not just pinky ones next time! :P

Rate: 8/10
Addiction: I will definitely buy again! 
Not the same shade for a change? Will see. :)

Anyone who tried this lippy ? Lemme know! ***hugs***

love lots,
Animated Magic



Get to know me...

My photo
simple girl w/ so many dreams...you be nice and I'll be nicer... just don't hit me at the back coz i can be your worst nightmare ever! (kiddin but uhm maybe? hahaha) i look maldita and brat (sometimes true lol)... honestly, I'm totally NOT! :) I do have a knowledge of skin... so if you have some questions, email me: prettykat25@gmail.com. I am a... Sister. Wife. Lover. Kikay. Vain. Princess. Daughter. Extraordinaire.

Somethings you need to know...

Here are the list of foundations and other stuffs I have/had use... you might need this for reference! (just a simple help) And yeah some of these products are just pure love and currently my HG!

Foundation Shades:
Mac NC20-25
Graftobian HD Cream Foundation Ingeneu/Vixen
Giorgio Armani Face Fabric #2
Girgio Armani Face Radiance #2
MUFE Mat Velvet #35 Vanilla
Kanebo Coffret D'or BE-B
Kanebo Lucent BE-B
Kanebo Lunasol YO 02
Kanebo Freshel YO-C1
Sofina Raycious Select Powder #13
ZA Two-Way Foundation #23
Shiseido Supplist O00
Shiseido Maquillage Climax Moisture Gel OC20
Shiseido Maquillage Lasting Powdery #OC10
Paul and Joe #102 Nude
NARS Sheer Glow #Fiji
Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid #974
Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Compact Beige Rose Tendre
Estee Lauder Double Wear Sand
Revlon Colorstay Buff
OCC Liquid Foundation Y2/Y3
Laura Mercier Foundation Powder No.2

Concealer: any foundation in cream form as concealer! ;)

Finishing Powders:
Kanebo Revue Translucent Loose Powder
Skinfood Peach Sake
Mac Skin Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Light/Medium
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder- Cream
Kryolan Anti Shine

Kanebo Freeplus Comfortable Lotion 1
Tea Tree Toner (derma/myskinclinic)
Whitening Toner (derma/myskinclinic)

Face/ Eye Moisturizers:
Crème de la Mer: The Moisturizing Gel Cream
Crème de la Mer: The Eye Balm Intense
Crème de la Mer: The Eye Concentrate
Pure Glycerine

Evening Prime Rose

Sun Protections:
Derma Gel Ultrashield (myskinclinic)
Kanebo Allie

Jo Malone
Tom Ford
Prada Candy
Cliniqe Happy (my all time fave)

Hermes Eau des Merveilles/ Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

DKNY Be Delicious

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
Ralph Lauren Big Pony # for Women
TH Dreaming

Clinique Happy Heart
Estee Lauder Pleasure
Vera Wang Princess
Infinite Pleasure Just Girl
Exclamation by: Coty
Kenzo L'eau Par
Escada Into Blue
Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto's
L'Occitane Cherry Blossom
Moschino Love
Liz Claiborne Curve
VS Very Sexy
Jessica Mcclintock
D&G Light Blue
Burberry Baby Touch
Clean Fresh Laundry
Burberry Weekend
Burberry Brit Sheer
Paris Hilton Can Can
Marc Jacobs Daisy
VS old scents (Sweet Temp, Secret Crush, Pure Sed)
B&B Works (Winter Candy!)

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